Public Safety

I will work towards keeping our community safe by supporting our public safety professionals including but not limited to: law enforcement; fire services; Haz-Mat; ambulance and emergency medical services and rescue services. I also support common sense gun safety measures. No one should ever be afraid to attend schools, grocery stores, places of worship, social events, etc.  Our lives depend on public safety!


The Budget process is critical for Cobb County and I do not take it lightly as I oversee the spending. I will work hard to ensure fiscal responsibility while making financial decisions that will have a lasting positive impact on our community.


I will follow the Zoning Code and I will seek out advice and information from the community. As a former closing attorney, I learned a great deal about zoning and property issues. Prior to a zoning change, if in fact there is a zoning change, there must be a number of considerations including but not limited to how the change will affect the community; the speed in which the potential zoning change will occur; whether or not the zoning change will cause chaos or create other potential zoning issues in a short timeframe; and if there are changes, will they occur at a reasonable pace, etc. 

Quality of life and a Strong Healthy Community

Public transit is important as well as green space for parks, recreational activities and the environment as a whole. There must be a balance of commercial and residential properties, while never forgetting to protect the property values. Finally, during a pandemic, the health of our community is also a priority. I support programs and resources for our youth, veterans, and seniors.


Our strong community begins with a good faith engagement and working relationship with those on the County Commission Board as well those associated with agencies, committees, home owner’s association, planning groups, etc. who work with the Cobb County Board. Civility, honesty, ethics and transparency are critical when working with others.


Our government works best if all community members are involved and engaged in the issues that directly impact them, their community and the County. I support a transparent government; access to county documents; engaging the community by emails, social media, townhalls, and video streaming of work sessions and meetings.

Representing the Residents and Homeowners of Cobb County

The job of the Cobb County Commission District 3 representative should have nothing to do with party affiliation. A Commissioner should not be beholden to the development community or special business interests.  A Commissioner must balance business interests with the interests of the homeowners and residents while being mindful of the community quality of life. I will be the voice for the homeowners and residents in Cobb County District 3.

Christine stands with you.

I'm in this race because I am very concerned with the tone and the direction our country is headed. As we all know, change starts at the state and local level.